"... why?" He wrapped his fingers around the leash, toying with it in his hand with the smile never fading from his face. "Zavid misplace you and you need to go crawling back to him like a good little inbred pup..?" He'd already seen them chat before, even as a little brat he was nosy. "Or is someone missing you in Terran Alto?"

Lyra frowned. “Nightfurrow, you do realize you are currently twelve, not twenty-three correct? This is not cute one bit. You should know better, dear.” She smiled. “You know what I am capable of. So, I ask you again: please remove your hand from the leash.”

Zavid: *puts his hands up to surrender* Alright, alright, zat vas a bit harsh. I vould be most annoyed if I vere to lose zis job. Do you know how hard it is to find one, being man of my stature? It's as if people find me frightening.. It's funny because I am simply an over sized teddy bear. *his smile returned*

"Perhaps it is more so your nosy personality instead of your height that deters employers."

"What secret? Why would I ever hide anything important from the leader of our region?" He swatted her hand away, pulling at the leash again with his other hand. "I am curious why you're pretending to be a mutt, though. Should I take you out for walks and buy you a dog bowl?"

"Aww does someone wish they were my master and I their loyal pet~? You are a tad too young for me, junior,” she faked a sympathetic smile. “Now, if you do not mind, please kindly remove your hand from the leash.”

Zavid: *looks at her strangely* It's alvays about sex vith you isn't it, my lady. Can't you just appreciate ze joy of being in a relationship? I mean can you even go a day without it? It's a miracle zat you've survived as long as you have zese past hours.

Lyra shot Zavid a glare. “It would be best if you quit sassing me if you value your position here at the Manor.”

Zavid: *shrugs* True. But no one said I vas polite. * shakes his finger * Any who, I vill be just as happy do be rid of zis 'marriage' as you! I don't need some voman tying me down..*raises the leash*..Poor choice of vords it seems. *chuckle*

"Wow, you are hilarious, master," she sarcastically declared. Lyra crossed her arms after a moment of silence. "So, what are we going to do while we are stuck with each other like this? It is not like we can do the fun things that come with marriage. So boring."

"Forgive me, grandma, but it's hard not to notice when two wailmer are bouncing down the halls." He looks up with a cheeky grin. "I don't know what you mean by a girlfriend. Is it typical of boys my age to be running around with girls?"

"Oh, do not be giving me that ‘I am a little boy’ speech. Clearly you have all your memories in tact, otherwise you would not have said some of the things you said. If you want to keep the fact that you retained all your memories a secret, you had better choose your words a bit more carefully, little boy. Or is intelligent word choice too difficult for your undeveloped brain?” she sneered as she patted Jake on the head.


*Colin sees her walk past without noticing who she is, before walking back to her. “E-Excuse me, um… Miss, y-you do realize you’re wearing, um… th-that leash, right? Do you need some help getting it off?”*

“That would lovely-” She glances up and down at Colin. “-but I doubt you would be of any useful assistance.”

He cringed at the sting of her words, harsh and venomous that they were. “S-Sorry, I thought it looked a bit strange,” he muttered, holding his arm and looking away, “walking around with a leash on.. You’re probably right, though..” He gave a small smirk of uneasiness before looking up at her. “I might have ended up-” he went pale as he realized who exactly gave him a a figurative burning like it was nothing. “Y-Y-Y-You… You’re M-Miss Nightingale, aren’t you?” He bowed so fast, his fedora flew off his head and onto the ground. “I-I’m so sorry, ma’am, I-I-I didn’t know who you were..!” he stuttered frantically.

Lyra let out a long sigh. “I do appreciate the formalities, but do try to be more composed about it. And it’s Lady Nightingale to you.”

Zavid: Vell you seem to do it often. Got any tips? *smile grows even wider*

Master, it is not polite to ask a lady about her sex life.


*Colin sees her walk past without noticing who she is, before walking back to her. "E-Excuse me, um... Miss, y-you do realize you're wearing, um... th-that leash, right? Do you need some help getting it off?"*

"That would lovely-" She glances up and down at Colin. "-but I doubt you would be of any useful assistance.”


He smiles. "Years can improve me but days go by and you just seem to sag and drag more." Grabs the end of the leash and pulls it slightly. "Someone trying to teach the old dog new tricks?"

She has no choice but to move with the tug, it was better than the collar leaving a mark from her struggling. “What, are you keeping tabs on my breasts? Should you not be paying attention to your ‘girlfriend’s’ breasts instead? Or does ‘she’ not have any?”